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  • About measures against new coronavirus infection
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     With the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection, the government announced infection control measures.
     Along with that, we will announce countermeasures. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation
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  • CEO Message



 Since its establishment in 1991,KKEsincerely appreciates the great support and cooperation so far. Prior to its founding,
 it was devoted to technical work.KKEhas grown together based on what they learned at the time. Especially in the field
 ofvacuum technology, we are focusing on"development, design, manufacturing"that does not have standard products,
 and I am very happy to cooperate with"industry, government, science".
 Until now, we have taken the stance of completing"development, design, and manufacturing"according to the content
 of thecustomer's application, and have made appropriate decisions according to the customer's needs. client.
 Aiming to be a technology / development-oriented company that can respond to the latest technology in the 21st century,
 we aim to be happy together with everyone by contributing to society through"monozukuri",
 We look forward to your continued support ofKKE.

  • Business contents

  • Manufacture of various vacuum equipment and vacuum components.
  • Development, design, manufacture and maintanance service of manufacturing equipment for Semiconductor.
  • Development, design, manufacture and maintanance service of general machinery.
  • Development, manufacture and delivery plasma application equipment.
  • Remodeling and expansion work of existing vacuum equipment
  • History of the company

July 1991
In-business establishment
February 2002
Saitama Office opened.
February 2003
Establishment of a new
head office building
April 2004
・Nagoya Office opened.
・Minami-Kase Machine
 processing plant opened.
February 2008
・Kanawa Standard Certification
・Yokohama Value Group Company
・Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial
 Technology Development Grand Prize
January 2009
Yokohama-type Regional Contribution
Company Certification
April 2016
Hitachi Office opened.
December 2019
Yokohama Office: Acquired ISO 9001:2015
(Quality Management System) certification
March 2022
Acquired Y-SDGs certification from Yokohama City

  • Company Overview
 Head Office(Yokohama office
3-5-34 Shitte, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 230-0003, Japan
TEL +81-45-570-6886
FAX +81-45-570-6890

Company name
Katagiri Engineering Co., Ltd.
Toshiro Katagiri
10 million yen
July 31, 1991
Other Office

Hitachi Office
2-5-18 Mizukicho, Hitachi City,
Ibaraki Prefecture 316-0024, Japan
TEL +81-294-59-3463  FAX +81-294-59-3466

Nagoya Office
#111 Kogawa-mansyonkitakan
3-6 Kogawacho Chikusa-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 464-0815, Japan
TEL +81-52-687-0539  FAX +81-52-688-3784

Saitama Office
1-162 Seto, Fujimi City,
Saitama Prefecture 354-0032, Japan
TEL +81-49-268-7062 FAX +81-49-252-9041

Minamikase Processing Plant
4-6-18 Minamikase, Saiwai-ku,
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0055, Japan
TEL +81-44-599-4449 FAX +81-44-599-4439